Open-minded. Practical. Flexible. Empowering. Personable. Professional. These are just a few of the words our clients use to describe us.

At Mind Life Matters, we believe in getting results and doing whatever works for you to achieve success. We also believe in providing you with the most comfortable, pleasant, and enriching experience possible. For example, we’re one of few practices offering in vivo exposure therapy outside the office, further highlighting our commitment to your comfort and flexibility. Because of this, our clients tell us that not only do they feel we help them live better lives, but they also enjoy the journey getting there.

Our commitment to changing the world for the better doesn’t stop with individuals. We work regularly with businesses to help entire teams and departments succeed by creating a happy and productive workplace. We believe that because so many of us spend much of our lives at work, we should be happy while we’re there. And as many former corporate clients have told us, learning how to cultivate that philosophy from us pays off in more ways than just financially.

Inside the doors of Mind Life Matters, you will find a genuine passion for reaching as many people as possible and changing lives for the better. But don’t take our word for it, request a consultation with one of our professional client service representatives and find out more for yourself. click here to request your consultation.

Liat Handing - Biography

Liat has been providing psychotherapy for more than 18 years. She’s a graduate of California State University Fullerton with a Master of Science emphasizing counseling and marriage and family therapy. She holds licenses in both North Carolina and New York. Liat is compassionate and supportive. She is well versed with research based approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), CBASP, DBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness. Liat customizes her approach to each individual and uses specialized versions of the above theories to work with diverse issues such as trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias (fears), mood disorders such as bipolar, depression, etc.

Liat has set up a practice that caters to individuals of all ages, families and relationships. She appreciates the energy and hard work people put into their personal therapy and gives all of her effort to support that process.

Liat is multi-lingual, has had diverse cultural experiences, and maintains a strong interest in personal wellness.

It’s not about the couch... it’s about the change

When you begin counseling with Mind Life Matters, you’re immediately granted access to a comprehensive set of resources to complement your treatment. Simply put, our entire office works on your behalf to ensure your treatment is right for your unique situation. Our therapists are among the best in their respective fields. Our support doesn’t stop when the session is over. And our methods extend beyond our office and into the real world.

What we offer

Research-based, proven therapy methods incorporating the most current and up to date practices and approach

Support resources after the session ends, such as select reading, movies, and workbooks

Flexibility to extend counseling beyond our doors and into the problematic environment outside of the office via in vivo exposure therapy